Sci-fi simulation game calling attention to the limitations labeling has on our perceptions and treatment of animals

Players must rapidly collect data on extraterrestrial creatures, xenos, in order to fulfill placement requests for Earth.  Placement requests come from various organizations which rely on animals for human stability.  The abstract labeling system demonstrates how classifications, although necessary, can limit our understandings of other living beings.  


2D Puzzle-platformer game testing player/game character connections

Players must navigate two characters through a series of tasks: a scientist that responds directly to the player's input and the pastiche, an engineered creature, that responds to input with exaggerations and a delay.  The player is assumed to initially connect with the scientist and become frustrated with the pastiche.  Mastering the pastiche's controls through trial and error will allow the player and pastiche's relationship to grow.  The current version focuses on the player reflecting on their relationship with the pastiche throughout the game.  Future developments will explore level and puzzle design for the unique movement mechanics.

Hello GoGo - character artist/animator

Mobile app that encourages rural exploration

Hello GoGo is a collaboration between the University of Hiroshima and the Narrative Systems Research Lab at University of Texas at Dallas.  Players discover and collect cats by traveling to specific locations in Iinan Cho, Japan with the app's geographic tracking and AR technology.  A prototype was created by a team of seven over two game-jam style weekends to present to the mayor of Iinan Cho. 

Grain Currency

Futile resource management game representing the efficiencies of the cattle and grain industries

Grain Currency is an interactive experience that challenges players to create a balanced system of grain and beef to support the human population.  The player can create farms to produce grain and place cows to eventually collect meat from.  While initial growth is therapeutic, their community will eventually reach a state that can no longer support itself and collapse in an escalation of sensory overload.  The game's code is dedicated to representing consumption accurately where a mainly plant diet will sustain the growing population longer than one representative of the 'average american' that is heavy in meat.


Simulation game of the layer chicken industry (egg production)

Players perform tasks of sorting chicks, accelerating chicken growth through genetic manipulation, gathering eggs, and processing waste materials.  The goal of the game is to maintin profits, encouraging players to adopt the inhumane methods which exist in today's factory farming industry.